03 September 2011

Up next

It's actually been really hard finding fabric in Japan, which I did not expect. Maybe we're spoilt in NZ? The only fabric stores I have seen so far are craft shops, and they only seem to carry printed cotton fabric. Hmm. I found this random garage shop that's only open on certain days at bizarre times, but my friend managed to talk to the owner and find out the times...good work Chie! So let's hope that yields some sucess. In the meantime, I bought some patterns from America (you can imagine I am missing my massive pattern collection, which is in storage in Nelson). I never buy new patterns, usually only vintage, so I'm actually quite excited about it. Here is the first thing I plan on making. Not sure exactly what fabric I'll use, but probably will be gingham (I know, because I don't already own a million checked things), but possibly stripes. We'll see.


Suzy said...

Have you found your nearest Yuzawaya yet? That was my favourite place to buy fabric in Japan... floors and floors of it.

Miss Jackson said...

I've heard of it, but I don't think I went there. Just Okadaya and Nippori. I live in the countryside so I'll have to research it!