12 July 2011

Laptop bag

Laptop bag I made from upholstery fabric. Pretty much I just cut around the shape of my laptop... and sewed on some cotton tape all the way around for handles, plus a padded bit for holding on to. Then added a pleated pocket (reverse side of the fabric) for holding the charger and mouse, etc. Last I sewed in a big chunky plastic zip. It was opened ended which made things a lot easier in terms of getting it sewed on evenly, then sewing the side seams. Easy!


Anonymous said...

That's adorable! So much better and more fashionable than anything I've seen in the stores. I may have to do this for my work laptop :)

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Hey Caroline!! I meant to tell you that David bought me the Burdastyle pattern book for Christmas with your skirt in it!! It's so cool, well done :) How is Japan treating you? You must be having such an awesome time, are you there for only one year or staying a bit longer?