20 September 2011

Back on the horse (sewing machine)

I finally got my new DSLR back from the camera shop, after various incidents which culminated in a rather surprisingly pleasing result. After buying it online from Hong Kong, only to drop it 3 days later and break the shutter release button, I took it all the way to Japan to get fixed (my reasoning being Panasonic was a Japanese brand). One non-fix and one month later here we are. And the best part was they didn't charge me, for reasons I can't begin to comprehend (could be the fact that I spent a whole lotta money in their store? the baby blue eyes? they wanted to get rid of me? haha)... but I shall not argue at this one! Thank you, Japan, Panasonic and K's Denki employees, you have made me very happy. So. I digress. I finished my first Japanese sewing project. I made shorts. Japanese cotton, McCalls M5391, super super easy, it's almost embarrassing. But I feel awesome having actually created something again, especially using blunt scissors and a sewing machine sans foot pedal (please, i beg you, don't try it!)

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Anonymous said...

Sans foot pedal?! You are one mad lady! ;-) They look fantastic.