15 January 2012

My Minoru

I've been wanting a parka for ages now (something along the lines of this All Saints parka that retails at £395.00!), so once I discovered Sewaholic's new Minoru Jacket pattern, I thought it would be a good one to use and alter slightly to make my jacket, as the basic style is perfect.
I bought some great thick brushed cotton in Nippori fabric town, Tokyo, plus some red plaid brushed flannel for the lining, as well as some faux rabbit fur and chunky metal zippers from Okadaya Crafts in Shinjuku Tokyo (OMG, go there, it's 2 buildings with 6 floors each of sewing and crafting heaven). But I digress. The changes I plan to make are:
  1. Add pockets. Easy, sew on top pockets with a decorative flap and button or metal snap, once I figure that one out. 
  2. Faux fur (narrow) around the hood. 
  3. Add wrist straps with buttons or metal snaps... I have no idea what those wrist bits are actually called, but I love the look and put them on my last coat. 
  4. Add flap over lay to the front with buttons. I'm not a big fan of exposed zipper on jackets, and I want a bit more detail. 
  5. Probably make the waist a little less cinched.

 The Minoru Sew-along starts tomorrow, so I better get myself sorted today. Can't wait to sew this thing!


Sam said...

Good luck with the sew along, I look forward to seeing what you make, Sam xox

Anonymous said...

Oh, I like your changes! I love little details on coats like the wrist things and buttons

Junaluska said...

Oh yes, the olive green parkas with the fur hoods are absolutely perfect. You have good taste.