04 November 2010


Image courtesy of AlexiaSinclair.com
I've admired the NZ Opera's Macbeth advertising in a BIG way - it's just stunning. I always wondered just how they got that hair like that. Anyways, after a bit of web tripping through various design company websites I came across Alexia Sinclair. She is the super talented photographer and graphic artist behind this shoot (and much much more awesome, award winning stuff - check her out asap!). The icing on the cake was finding this video, with the photography and post production - it's amazing, especially for someone into costumes, photography, design, theatre... wow.... watch it now!

Alexia Sinclair: Behind the Scenes - Macbeth from Sultana Studios on Vimeo.

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Marble said...

Holy epic! That video is amazing, so much post production, I like how she drew on loads of individual hairs. x