04 March 2012

Spring Macaron

I made this Colette Patterns Macaron in December but couldn't really wear it until now. I didn't mean for it too look so similar to the pattern picture, but I happened to have the light blue cotton in my stash. As for the top part, it's actually silk from the inside of an old kimono, I assume hand-dyed. I love ombre! Anyway, it's a really nice pattern. I didn't make any changes to the pattern and am really happy with the way it turned out. It could possibly have done with a lining on the skirt but I didn't have anything at the time and it's not a deal breaker.

Close up of the silk

And in other news... SPRiNG!!!!

Hanami picnic in the plum forest

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lakaribane said...

Came over from the Colette blog, very cute Macaron! I guess you can make both kinds of now, right? (Baking lesson post tipped me off, LOL!)

Would you consider adding an follower or email subscription option, please? I'd like to keep track of your blog. Thanks for thinking about it.