29 December 2011


I've always wanted to learn leathercraft, and I had the chance this year. It's very satisfying, and quite simple. It's nice doing the handsewing and not having to use a machine. And, using tools :) Here's a satchel bag I made from a basic pattern, using a dome, D-rings, clips and some twisted ropey stuff for the chain. It was supposed to be actual chain, but I couldn't find any [down here in the country]. It's pretty good for a first effort I reckon.

I'm super stoked on it now, and have plans to make another one asap! I think I'll make a camera case, coz my dslr really isn't getting treated very well right now. Here's my inspiration for it.

Leica camera case / Lope Lope camera bag / Orla Kiely bag


Gorgeous Things said...

Your bag looks fabulous! That Leica camera case is so cool, too.

jen said...

So cool! I would love to learn to do this, your bag is so beautiful!