06 April 2011

Coming soon!

The necklace I'm wearing in the post below is an absolutely gorgeous hand beaded creation made by my great-aunty Nancy, who is this super-amazing crafter. Honestly, she does it all - knitting, sewing, beading, tassels, embroidery... it's so impressive. Whenever she comes down she does this big "show and tell" with literally hundreds of things she's made. She is my crafting hero! Anyway she has SO MANY gorgeous beaded pieces that I think are totally wearable and modern, so I'm going to be her agent and sell it online for her through the NZ site www.felt.co.nz. I've sold lots of my clothes on there in the past and it's been great (I'm on hiatus at the moment since all my sewing stuff is in storage!). Having a photo shoot this weekend so it should be all up by Monday. I'm very excited about this new venture...

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