04 February 2011


Not content with sewing and a recent foray into quilting, I am now slightly obsessed with knitting. Maybe coz it's pretty much winter down here, haha... Life's pretty quiet for a change, thank goodness, and it's really nice to have cool little projects on the go. I joined Ravelry, the knitting website, which is amazing and full of awesome projects and patterns and stuff. I also came across Julie at Knitted Bliss who's designed this gorgeous scarf. So that's my first pattern, I think. Gonna look for wool in the weekend.

This girl is amazing! I can't believe you could actually knit this whole thing. It's my goal for the winter!

Via Knitted Bliss I found this cute pic too, from an Etsy. Definitely great inspiration... hope I can remember how to knit. Hmm.


vivatveritas said...

she is really amazing! oh i wish someday i can knit like her..:)

Miss Jackson said...

i know... so beautiful. i can't wait to start knitting again!

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Yay, I'm knitting too!! But its been so so hot here this last week I couldn't bare to pick it up! What is your name on Ravelry? I'm Jennifer Lauren :)

Miss Jackson said...

i'm missjackson!