08 December 2010

Failing... but kind of winning

Have been sewing non-stop. Pretty much all for other people. But the jobs are taking forever and I have nothing to show for it! Ah well, will have some good photos soon enough, when I man up and buy a new SD card for my dead camera...lol. Anyhow before I get into a massive whinge about everything, here are a few of the latest things I've done.

This is a maternity skirt. As soon as I did that pink top (see older post) for a friend, suddenly I had like 4 orders for maternity stuff.. haha. This is a BEAUTIFUL FABRIC honestly sooooo awesome - green, yellow and black cotton with about 8 green gores around the bottom to give it lots of body, then a contrast green lining. Perfect for summer when you're pregnant with twins. The best thing about maternity is you can just stick a big band on the top - less fitting!! Jokes. Also made a pretty grey tiered one, but alas camera died before I could retrieve it.

And this, not too exciting... 2 out of the 3 pairs of pants for a friend (pregnant). Not really maternity but they have a low waist. Just cut off an existing pair of pants so can't really claim to any exciting design or patternmaking! Definitely don't want to see the pattern for a long time!

Anyway now only a grad dress and a mother of the bride dress and I will be back to SEWING FOR MYSELF YUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

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