30 October 2010

Summer stuff, at last

For once in my life I am actually making clothes ahead of the season! I suppose the thought of my sewing machine being packed away for a while over summer probably is an incentive to get stuff done now!
For this batwing top I picked up a beautiful striped modal (if I remember correctly) at Global Fabrics in Wellington. Fantastic to wear. I've been trying to get in to wearing a few more drapey kind of things so this is a good start, I'm sick of wearing tight stuff! The pattern is a free download from BurdaStyle.com Big ups to pixelink for the design, it's super cute.

These are from BurdaStyle magazine - 2/2010. Kinda harem pants but a bit tailored still. I sewed down the pleats to avoid having puffy hips! This is a denimy-lineny-cottony fabric from Moreland's Fabrics in Nelson. There's elastic around the bottom to make the pants bag a bit, I quite like them! You can also download the pattern here at BurdaStyle.com

Here's the technical drawing:


Elizabeth Myra said...

wow love it all! the drapey top looks awesome!

sweet limes said...

Those harem pants didn't catch my eye at all when I saw them in the magazine, but I think they look terrific on you, and I like the idea of sewing down the pleats to reduce the poof to them. We're starting on winter here so I might see if I can lengthen them enough to turn them in to pants rather than cropped pants, but they are now on my radar! Great outfit.