15 July 2010

And more check... I know you're not surprised.

How could I not? At a minor splurge in Global Fabrics in Christchurch I found this blue buffalo check, which as it happens is the bigger, blue version of my orange check dress. Anyways it started life as a shirt dress from a 50s pattern but due to the stretchyness of fabric it didn't turn out that great and was generally just "frumpy" - which according to certain a gentleman is not the look a young lady should be going for! So, I ended up cutting the whole thing to pieces and recutting out this Burda magazine dress. Man, matching checks is so tiresome but I think I managed it ok, apart from the back where I didn't have enough fabric and had to sew together two bits. But enough about my fabric inadequacies... it turned out cute enough!


Amanda said...

IT turned out sooo cute! I love the neckline. And my fave colors. When are you going to move here so I can hire you as my seamstress and buy you supious amounts of wines and cheeses. haha

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Cute!! Congratulations on getting into the Burdastyle book, thats awesome!!

I had a few small fitting issues with the dress, just the bust. But nothing major as it was only 1 inch out of my size so there was no fiddly annoying bits!

How is Nelson?

Hve you heard from Sarah? I tried on facebook - but to be fair, I'm a bad facebooker.

Miss Jackson said...

Jen - thanks! The book will be really cool I think. Good to hear you're sewing again :) Nelson's pretty good although winter's always a bit of hibernation factor. DUnedin next week for a holiday though - can't wait. No haven't heard from her but I am trying!

Manda - yes... cheese and wine and I am yours.

EmilyKate said...

Love this! That is a really interesting pattern construction, and you are one clever missy working with checks like that... beautiful!!