03 May 2010


So i've been working on my evening dress for the Hokonui Fashion Design Awards. After my major stress attack/last minute/disappointment of the last competition dress I made, I've started super early and still have a whole month before the entries even close. I've been painstakingly slowly handsewing the bodice together and it's looking good so far. Here are some pics I have been looking at for inspiration.

So pretty much, bright colours, satin, intricate bodice, gorgeousness... but it's obviously gonna be a little bit crazier than a normal formal dress... avant garde of course! Now just need to get on and make it!!


LaToya said...

I love all your inspiratinal pics! Awesome blog!!


a cat of impossible colour said...


So, here are some suggestions for vintage/op-shopping in Christchurch ...

Vintage stores

Tete a Tete Vintage, Hereford Street - the best vintage store in town. Seriously.
Two Squirrels, Cashel Mall (up the stairs above Trade Aid) - owned by the same people, and equally good.
Gertie's, High Street - a little on the pricey side, and a bit dusty, but she has some nice things.
Chaos and Collections - I think it's on the corner of Tuam Street and Colombo - in a bright blue building, you can't miss it!
Madame Butterfly's, Hills Road - this one is a bit out of town, but definitely worth a visit ...
... as is Et Cetera, another great vintage store on the corner of Edgeware Road. Near Madame Butterfly's. If you wander down Hills Road, in fact, you'll find some great vintage and antiques stores.

It's also worth strolling down the south end of Manchester Street - there are some great second-hand bookstores and antiques stores, some of which sell clothing.


Toffs Recycled Clothing - Gloucester St, next to the Isaac Theatre Royal.
Savemart - Battersea St, Sydenham
The Great Opportunity Shop - Colombo St, at the south end, past the bridge over Moorhouse Ave. This is a great one! Visit the Retro Room.
Nearby - Tasman Traders, on Byron Street.
The Salvation Army Family Store - Lichfield St
Out of the city centre, but also worth a look-see - another Great Opportunity Shop, this one on the corner of Clyde and Riccarton Roads.

Have fun! :)

Andrea xx