24 November 2009


So I made this pattern up so I could give Julia sewing lessons and she could have a personalised maxi dress.. of course I had to make one up to try out the pattern first!! I hate all the baggy/maternity ones in shops, yuck. It's all about the cut - nicely shaped and fitted but still maxi. Seriously love this fabric (the yellow/grey/white).. the grey contrast knit was a bit thick, but that's ok.

As always, click on photo for larger, better quality image.


Pretty Little Pictures said...

Hey Caroline! David and I are staying in Dunedin for christmas this year, but his dad will more than likely be up in Naseby so we might go up for a few days. Are you there for christmas? Wow, its christmas in exactly one month today, where has the year gone?

Faye Lewis said...

That is one sharp dress.