05 February 2009


Checked shorts from a cheap standard Spotlight pants pattern, with back welt pockets and fold up legs with side button tabs. I really really like them.


EmilyKate said...

OOOOh, loveleee! I wanna make a pair of smart shorts like those for work, it's been sooooo hot lately. Yours are very smart.

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Yum, crepes at the farmers market!! I'm going to Lou's wedding that day, are you going to come? Sarah and i have chipped in to get her a manicure and a pedicure for the day :) Would love to talk with you about internet shops, i didnt realise you were going to start one too :) i was thinking last night about how if it got successful, would i have to pay tax? Hmmmmm, things to ponder :)

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Oh and i totally just added you to my blog roll, i'm slack when it comes to these thinggs :) I never remember to do it and then when i do, i'm never close to a computer!!