17 November 2008

Monaco Resort grand opening

Friday and Saturday were part of the grand opening of Monaco Resort, and that included fashion/hair/jewellery shows by Ursula Harris Hair and Paul Harris Jewellers (name=coincidence, I think!) Also included several outfits by me! Exciting. Here are a few pics courtesy of Glenn Bisdee photography - www.glennbisdeephotography.co.nz. Thanks Glenn!

The red carpet! The yellow dress that I made. It looks super bright on the red carpet...

Beautiful make up that looked like lace on foreheads!

My little grey jumpsuit :)

Jumpsuit again.

My ruffle/rosette chiffon top. I LOVE this...

Closeup of the neck details.

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Veteran Vercosis said...

DAM YO!! Mad Steelo!!!your ruling it!