29 October 2008

Finally, a post!

I am a bad blogger. It's been a month between posts. Bad, bad, bad.
Excuses: school, work, minor surgery.. haha.
Anyway back now and back on the creating buzz after an awesome weekend away in Auckland - pics to come. Here's a photo with two outfits I made to be worn at the NZARH Supreme Hair Design Awards in Auckland a couple of weeks ago. These are just crappy low res stolen from the website but I will have nice ones soon (where you can actually see the dresses! Note to self: actually take photos of stuff before I give it away coz people are BAD at taking photos of their clothes... hmm.

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The Paper Doll said...

Yay, Caroline!! I've tried finding your blog many a time but never could for some reason :( But I'm glad you found mine - only been doing it for a few months but its fun :) How are you?