31 May 2008

Vintage Vogue

The Regent 24 Hour Book Sale was last weekend and I just happened to be in Dunedin for it - stoked! Me and Sarah headed along and stocked up on cookbooks and sewing stuff. The guy at the counter: "Ooh, look, one's a cook and one's a sewer". Way to make us feel like housewives... Anyway, I got some amazing vintage patterns for my collection and this one was my favourite. Polo Ralph Lauren nautical hoodie and pants - I'm thinking 1970s, there's no date on it though. Definitely gonna have to give this pattern a go, maybe adjust it a bit though. Hah, check out the girl in the left of the photo with the matching pink!!


Daniel James Golding said...

I want that ...

imagine one made of cord!

Miss Jackson said...

yeah it's so retro-awesome.

just give me the orders man!