23 April 2008

Aberhart review

This is a review of Laurence Aberhart's photography exhibition Momento held in April in Nelson that was published in the Nelson Mail 23/4/08. Aberhart is one of my most favourite artists ever so it was awesome to be able to see about his work, let alone write about it and have it published!
Seeing this exhibition inspired me immensely. Perfect composition, technical brilliance, beautiful images… but all of ordinary things – the mundane, everyday stuff we take for granted, or don’t even notice.
This lead to me regaining my interest in learning how to take photos properly. I’ve been having a bit of a mare that I’m really crap at it and never gonna learn, got a plain digi camera that can’t be manually changed etc… But after a 2am chat with my old flatmate outside a bar one night we decided that it’s all about composition and subject. Aberhart’s photographs are perfectly in focus with a massive depth of field, which gives me hope for my non-focusable camera. I gotta just try a bit harder with positioning subject, background, light, all the real basic elements.

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